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why choose us

We are providing sanitization and pest control services in jodhpur. At environpure we focus on quality services, efficiency and the highest level of professionalism.Our goal is to make better place for you. We providing fully insured, honest and experienced cleaners, at competitive rates, offering a service that is professional and flexible. We pride ourselves in providing a service which is of a very high standard. We also understand that trust is paramount when letting a cleaner into your home or office, so all our cleaners are strictly vetted.

What to expect

The spray process is quick and simple. It takes under 30 minutes per 2,000 sq. ft. of space. And dries in about 10 minutes. When we leave your home will be free from bacteria, viruses, allergens and odors. Enviropure is fragrance free—some compare the smell initially to a swimming pool, but even that disappates quickly.

our work

general instruction

1. Aerial disinfection is carried out by ULV (Ultra Low Volume particulates) misting of disinfectant. 

2. Make sure the area to be thoroughly cleaned before handing over it for Steriguard treatment .

3. Completely close the area that to be treated, without any exhaust vents / openings, etc. 

4. Cover LCD panels of computer / TV monitors. 

5. Central AHU should be put off and air vents should be opened for treatment of air conditioning ducts.

6. Fire Alarms should put off.

7. All exposed Surfaces such as walls and floors are disinfected by a spray. 

8. ULV misting / fogging of air space is carried out as per prescribed method which reaches the most inaccessible places also.

9. Close the treated area for minimum two to three hours. 

10. Put on AHU and allow for reuse.

11. Equippments / work stations, allow for reuse after Treatment. 

12. Steriguard treatment is a specialised service and is carried out by qualified technicians under supervision of experienced managers. 

13. All staff involved in the treatment to continue using preventive masks during the treatment. 


equipment use by us

This are some of our equipments which use in our work . All equipments are certified by expert.  The Safety our customers and employee is our top priority. All of our service technician follow CDC guidance and best practices for COVID-19 environmental cleaning procedures. As new guidance is provided by public health official, we will modify our cleaning protocols accordingly.

These days technology is an invaluable tool, and the facility maintenance industry is no exception. That’s why Safety has invested in the most cutting-edge software system designed specifically for our industry. This allows us to continually track and optimize our own performance and create the most transparent, user-friendly experience for our customers. This system, among other things, enables Safety and its customers to have real time access to quality assurance reports, open and closed work order history, employee scheduling, timekeeping data, and invoicing details. It sets us apart from the competition and is one of the ways we are able to deliver superior service at a competitive price.

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